Welcome to the Sumner Redcliffs RSA

The Sumner Redliffs RSA is your friendly local community club.
Since the 2011 Christchurch earthquake when we lost our premises we have relied on the support of the Sumner Community to continue operating. We are now an even more integral part of the community, as we can be found at a variety of local premises.

Honorary Life Member of the SumnerRedcliffs RSA, Malaya veteran Bill Joines retires from the club's Executive Committee this year.

He has been club President on five occasions, having played an active role since 1972. He was a wreath bearer for every Anzac Day Parade, which he helps organise.

He will still serve on the Welfare Trust Board, to which he was appointed in 1980.

The Trust provides support to club members and various charitable organisations as well as supporting community initiatives. He has been instrumental in raising and distributing funds for this cause.

Bill has lived in Sumner for 56 years and plays in the Sumner Silver band, where he is known as “Baritone Bill”, after the euphonium type wind instrument he plays.  His wife, Rawi, is also a life member of the RSA.

They play bowls regularly at the Redcliffs Bowling Club where they still enjoy a social life after 59 years of marriage! What a couple!

Redcliffs Bowling Club – THURSDAY EVENING

Every Thursday evening from 4.30pm - 7.30pm, members of the Sumner Redcliffs RSA meet at the Redcliffs Bowling Club. The ode is read at 6pm to honour the men and women who died in service to New Zealand and a moments silence is observed. The members meet for fellowship at this attractive venue in James Street.


The Sumner Redcliffs RSA committee, continues to meet at the premises of the Sumner Volunteer Fire Brigade. Our AGM is also held there.


Events and entertainment hosted by the Sumner Redcliffs RSA are held at the new combined library, community centre and museum on Wakefield Ave. Opened in 2017, this modern building includes the perfect setting for events and entertainment, with a large hall, stage and seating.
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